About: Noontide Filmworks

Company and Mission

Noontide Filmworks was founded in 1995 by Jon Chang for the primary purpose of developing commercial feature film projects. The company was incorporated in 2000 as Noontide Filmworks, Inc. - a Film Production and Multimedia Company in New York State.

Noontide Filmworks is committed to making commercial films that entertain, teach and challenge its audience regardless of genre. Our work derives from the age-old tradition of storytelling, with roots in both classic and modern literature and philosophy.

We strive to tell stories that transcend class, ideology and race, that inspire people to go beyond themselves by showing the best parts of the human spirit. In some form or another, this is the theme that binds all of our work.


Noontide Filmworks was founded for the primary purpose of developing commercial feature film projects.

On a broader scale, Noontide Filmworks, Inc. is a Film Production and Multimedia Development Company. We have the capability to develop projects from concept to storyboard, budget to production, and post-production to marketing strategies and materials.

We offer script and story editing services as well as industrial and commercial film production services.

Additionally, Noontide Filmworks has branched into new media such as the web and related mediums, including streaming video and flash animation.

Noontide <web design> works with various partners in New York and San Francisco, from Silicon Alley to Silicon Valley, allowing us to offer a wide variety of services to meet all of your web development and multimedia needs.