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Jon Chang

Jon Chang (Jonathan Philip Chang) was born the youngest of four children to Doctors Wallace Chang and Frances Nenna in 1973 in Worcester, Massachusetts where he spent his formative years playing sports and rooting for the Red Sox. In 1987, he moved to Seattle, Washington for high school, getting involved in music, acting and volunteer medical missions to Oaxaca, Mexico.

Jon received his BA in Comparative Literature from the University of Washington in Seattle in 1995. After working in the computer industry, he moved to New York where he graduated with an MFA in Film from the Columbia University School of the Arts Film Division in 2001.

Jon's first film, "shorty", has won awards at various film festivals in North America, including the HBO Short Film Award at the 2001 Acapulco Black Film Festival (aka The American Black Film Festival).

Today Jon is the President of Noontide Filmworks Inc. in New York City, which he founded in the year 2000 to develop film and multimedia projects. He has recently completed a feature-length screenplay of "shorty" as well as the short film "mirrors" and is in development on several others projects (stay tuned...).


mirrors (2007)

shorty (2000)